2016 Summer Breakspot Program

2016 Summer Breakspot Program

Summer Break Spot Program is a collaboration of public and private institutions, which aim at bridging the nutrition gap during summer by providing nutritious meals to children eighteen years and below. Among the 2016 supporters of the programs in Broward city, Florida includes the local police through the Sheriff’s office. The program has been largely successful in the city regarding community outreach in law enforcement, hence, making the program a model for the 21st century policing. 

            Involvement of police in charitable programs assists in improving the relationship between the law enforcement agent and the community. Police-community relationship is very critical in enforcing law and order because the society plays an integral role in the identification of law-breakers. Being a charitable initiative, to the kids, the program is an excellent means of encouraging children to engage in good morals such as kindness, which assists in reducing current and future crime rates (Bayley, 2016).

            However, critics argue that such programs ‘plants’ dependence in children hence increases chances of the future adults engaging in crime. According to Lord, Kuhns, & Friday (2009) Psychological research shows that people who undergo a calm childhood with love and kindness are more likely to be law abiding than their counterparts with undergo difficulties at a young age. Additionally, Broward police attribute the fall in crime rates among children and adults in the city, to the program.    


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