Transforming Saudi National Security Visions to Tangible Opportunities Paper

Transforming Saudi National Security Visions to Tangible Opportunities

Write a 4-5-page critical essay addressing the following:

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 and in partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Interior, SNSR Expo is the first of its kind event in Saudi Arabia which showcases innovation, facilitates discussions and best practice exchanges in National Security & Risk Prevention industries.

For this assignment, research the SNSR Expo and Saudi Arabia’s new national security visions. Evaluate and explain the challenges Saudi Arabia may encounter when implementing these new national security visions for the future.

Paper should meet the following structural requirements:Should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page.Format according to APA writing standards.Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of three scholarly resources.

NU540 AUA A Survey of Conventional & Complementary Therapies Used by Youth with Juvenile-Onset Fibromyalgia

Apply the identified Guidelines [Box 16.1] Polit & Beck, 2017, Pg 371, Guidelines for Critiquing Descriptive Statistics.

Develop a 1 page, 12 pt font paper answering the questions.

The Critique is to answer the question as briefly and concisely as possible. Moving in to Evidence Based Practice, this is content that could be placed in a review or synthesis table.

Ethics and Information Management

600 words in APA format with citations

read at least four (4) academically reviewed articles on the ethical issues that may arise in information management.

1. Write a comparative analysis of the articles noting the similarities and differences.

2. Compare the information in those articles and lookfor- Does the premise of those articles support the overall theme of the materials ? Why or why not?

3. Discuss what you learned from those articles. In your discussion, give example(s) of your organization handles ethic concerns as they relate to information management.

BUS 624 Anti-Trust: The Sherman Act

Part 1

Coed Theatres (Coed), a Cleveland area movie theater booking agent, began seeking customers in southern Ohio. Shortly thereafter, Superior Theatre Services (Superior), a Cincinnati booking agent, began to solicit business in the Cleveland area. Later, however, Coed and Superior allegedly entered into an agreement not to solicit each other’s customers. The Justice Department prosecuted them for agreeing to restrain trade in violation of § 1 of the Sherman Act. Under a government grant of immunity, Superior’s vice president testified that Coed’s vice president had approached him at a trade convention and threatened to start taking Superior’s accounts if Superior did not stop calling on Coed’s accounts. He also testified that at a luncheon meeting he attended with officials from both firms, the presidents of both firms said that it would be in the interests of both firms to stop calling on each other’s accounts. Several Coed customers testified that Superior had refused to accept their business because of the agreement with Coed. The trial court found both firms guilty of a per se violation of the Sherman Act, rejecting their argument that the rule of reason should have been applied and refusing to allow them to introduce evidence that the agreement did not have a significant anticompetitive effect.What is the rule of reason and how does it differ from the per se rules?Should the rule of reason have been applied in this case? Explain why or why not.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 400 words.

Part 2

Federal Trade Commission Act

Between 1966 and 1975, the Orkin Exterminating Company, the world’s largest termite and pest control firm, offered its customers a “lifetime” guarantee that could be renewed each year by paying a definite amount specified in its contracts with the customers. The contracts gave no indication that the fees could be raised for any reasons other than certain narrowly specified ones. Beginning in 1980, Orkin unilaterally breached these contracts by imposing higher-than-agreed-upon annual renewal fees. Roughly 200,000 contracts were breached in this way. Orkin realized $7 million in additional revenues from customers who renewed at the higher fees. The additional fees did not purchase a higher level of service than that originally provided for in the contracts. Although some of Orkin’s competitors may have been willing to assume Orkin’s pre-1975 contracts at the fees stated therein, they would not have offered a fixed, locked-in “lifetime” renewal fee such as the one Orkin originally provided.Under the three-part test for unfairness stated in the course textbook (see page 1363), did Orkin’s behavior violate FTC Act § 5’s prohibition against unfair acts or practices?Discuss each element of the three-part test and how it applies to the Orkin case.

Your initial response should be a minimum of 400 words.

Philosophy writing paper -01

Choose ONE !!! of the following on which to write:

Word count at least 750Why do you admire or not admire the actions of Captain Vere? Is he to be praised for his commitment to duty or blamed for not seeing an obvious exception to the rules in the person of Billy Budd? (Melville)Assess Royce’s claims about the moral insight. In what ways does his essay mesh with the Parable of the Good Samaritan? (Luke 10: 29-37)Do you think most people are concerned about their good reputation or their self-respect? Which is harder to live without? Why? (Nietzsche and Didion)

Service Blueprinting

watch the video. think of a service that you enjoy using where everything goes smoothly. now talk about a recent visit to a service where everything did not go smoothly. could they benefit from service blueprinting ?

Week 4 Why Should Anyone Be Led By You Video Discussion

Please make your first post by Tuesday 6pm and then comment on at least 2 other posts by 6pm Friday.

We discussed in week 1 a leader you would follow and why. We also looked at several leaders in the videos this week who displayed inspirational leadership characteristics. Now that you have reviewed the key concepts in both SBL and TLC, please discuss what you believe are the key strengths that you would like to develop and why someone would follow you.

Please look at the video below on “Why Would Anyone Follow You” and include the concepts from the article/video in your discussion.

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

ST Thomas Qualitative & Quantitative Research Design in Healthcare Paper

Critically appraise a qualitative and quantitative research design.

In text citation

APA format

2-3 refere

Biology, Strayer, Discussion 7 (250+ words)

Part 1: Post a Response

In the section about viruses, our textbook discusses how new strains of flu arise via viral reassortment (page 245). This is also known as genetic reassortment. Read the following recent article from MIT News about tracking the spread of bird flu that discusses the impact of reassortment: Next, address the following:Discuss the factors that make Alaskan waters in the summertime an optimal place and time for new strains of influenza to arise by genetic reassortment.What do you think is the most interesting aspect of this situation?

Catch-Up Growth

In your own words, and based on the explanation in the textbook, explain why economists expect poor countries to grow at a faster rate than rich countries. Try to verify this claim. Please go to the IMF website referenced in your learning portfolio assignment for chapters 8, 9 and 10 (, and compare economic growth rates for China and India to those of a few developed countries (United States, Canada, France, etc.), and comment on any differences you see. Does the real world data fit the predictions of the model?Compare the growth experienced by China and India to that of the poor countries in Africa, like Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo. Are the poor countries in Africa growing like China and India? Please do some internet research to try to figure out why they are similar or different. If you find that they are similar, what sorts of conditions or policies are similar in the countries that might lead to strong growth? If they are different, what conditions and policies differ that might explain why they are different? In your response, please include at least one link to an article or website that supports your claim(s) . Please be sure to explain what you observe in the context of the material you learned in chapter 11.