American Public University Health Policy and Policymaking Response

Please answer the following questions regarding the role of the courts under the U.S. Constitution:

Question 1: What are the core roles of the courts within the context of health services organizations (local, state and federal)?

Question 2: What are the effects of these roles on health policy and policymaking?

Response for each question should be submitted using the text box and be at least 100 words long and no more than 200 words long.


Assignment Instructions:

Please review the Weekly Assignment Grading IRubric prior to submission (Click on View IRubric Icon in the main Assignment List page).

Make sure you read and understand the directions and requirements for each Assignment. Please ensure you cite your references in APA format with a minimum of 3 references (You may use your textbook as a reference and you should have a minimum of 2 academic outside references). Assignment will be graded based on the following areas: Foundation and synthesis of knowledge, application of knowledge critical thinking, writing skills, and organization of ideas and format. Refer to Library Online Resource Center for any research assistance. Refer to the Student Handbook for policies relevant to academic honesty and other procedures and policies related to this course. Assignments submitted late without advance

Patient’s immediate family or guardians

Choose a health care issue with controversial ethical and legal implications that was at the center of a high visibility case in the public domain. Some examples of issues include but are not limited to the following:

Option #1: Clinical Improvement Opportunities, health and medicine homework help

Option #1: Clinical Improvement Opportunities


You are the director of quality in a 100-bed hospital. The organization has identified three clinical improvement opportunities: reduce surgical site infections, reduce patient falls, and improve compliance with congestive heart failure clinical guidelines.

For this assignment, select one of these clinical improvement opportunities. Your task, as sponsor and team facilitator, is to develop a robust team charter (see exhibit 7.2 in our textbook).First, research the opportunity you selected to understand how progressive organizations have addressed the challenge.Next, determine and justify the size of the team and identify the specific positions (to include physicians) that you would include as members. Describe the role of each member.Then, craft a robust problem statement and team charter.Finally, create a draft agenda and Gantt chart or timeline (select just one) for the first meeting of the team.

The paper should be well-written and meet the following requirements:Four pages in length (excluding title page, reference list and exhibits)The team charter, draft agenda, and Gantt chart / timeline should be included as exhibits in the paper, but thoroughly discussed and justified in the body of the paper.Include at least three references from the peer-reviewed articles. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find peer-reviewed articles.

Chapter 5 Rights Theory for Global Ethics and Defining Rights Paper

response something in chapter 5

response something in chapter 5

response something in chapter 5

AUHS Role of The Project Manager at Each Stage of The Project Management Life Cycle

Need help with project management questions for my IT PM class. Please see the attached document for details. There are 5 questions that need to be answered.

Driven to drink: A study of reward

Submit a 400 to 500-word summary of the Drosophila paper driven-drink-study-reward

click the link above for the article.

follow the guidelines attached bellow.

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8.3 Aircraft Monitoring Systems

Monitoring aircraft performance has come a long way since the days of the Wright Brothers when performance was judged by fly-to-failure time. Today’s modern aircraft are monitored in a completely different way. In this discussion activity, research aircraft monitoring systems, trend analysis, and trend analysis tools, and discuss the following questions in your initial post:How can aircraft monitoring systems and trend analysis be used to effectively manage aircraft and component maintenance?What are the upper and lower control limits in trend analysis?How do component reliability trends affect the scheduled maintenance program?What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with managing a trend analysis program?

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Section 2: Business Plan Financials (MS Excel worksheets bundled with course textbook) For year one, submit a revised Income Statement, Cash Flow Projection, and Balance Sheet from the “Business Plan Financials” Excel template based on your feedback from Project Deliverable 4: Business Plan – Draft .

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Describe strategic planning techniques used to formulate alternative strategies designed to achieve stated business goals.Create a plan to implement a firm’s strategy and manage the change from current operations.Analyze strategies for exerting the internal leadership needed to drive the implementation of strategic initiatives and improve operating excellence.Use technology and information resources to research issues in strategic management.Write clearly and concisely about strategic management using proper writing mechanics.

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PSY 1010 CSU Development Across the Life Span Scenarios Discussion


Most would agree that parenting is a lifelong job. The parent’s obligations begin once the baby is conceived and seemingly never end, even after his or her child becomes an adult.

Suppose that you are the parent in each of the following scenarios. Based on what you have learned from this unit’s materials, answer the following questions for each scenario by explaining how you would effectively handle each situation.

Note: While it is understood different people and even entire cultures have different parenting styles, your answers should be based on the research and theories presented in this unit.Describe the stage of cognitive development of the child in each scenario. Explain how you would address the child and the situation. Will you use punishment in any of the situations? What tactics would be the most useful considering your child’s level of cognitive development?

Scenario 1: At the playground, your 5-year-old daughter shoves another child and takes away the child’s toy. Your daughter then screams at the child and runs away.

Scenario 2: You discover that your 13-year-old son has taken $20 from your purse and is planning to use it to purchase vapes (e-cigarettes) at school. The only reason you found out is because your 15-year-old daughter tattled after becoming upset that her brother would not give her half of the loot to serve as hush money. How do you address each child?

Scenario 3: Your 21-year-old daughter comes home from college and excitedly shares that she met a new guy on Tinder, and she plans to marry him next month. She then reveals that she will be quitting school, despite only having 1 year left to complete her bachelor’s degree. (She does not see the need for her degree any longer, as her fiancé is rich, or so she has been told.) She has decided to throw away the career plans and dream wedding she has planned since she was 10 years old because now she finally has her Prince Charming, and her life is all set!

Your combined answers for each scenario must be at least 150 words, for a minimum of 450 words for the entire assignment (not including the title and reference pages).

Your answers should include an insightful and thorough analysis and present a

strong argument with evidence. You must use at least one source to support your

analysis. This may be your textbook or another scholarly source. All sources

used will be properly cited. Your case study, including all references, will be

formatted in APA style.