4 separate questions 350 words each

*APA 7 separate each question by references. 

1.  There is an old truism around the world that holds that “all disasters are local.”  Do you believe this is true or not true?  Why?  Responses to disasters may involve efforts at local, regional, national, and international level.  Which level should have primary responsibility for disaster preparedness and response?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of your choice?



2. Included in the State Department budget is funding for “Contributions to International Organizations (CIO).”  CIO provides the US contribution to the operating budgets of many international organizations.  For example, the US provides 22% of funding for the United Nations.  There is a belief in some circles that the US should withhold funding for organizations that adopt policies contrary to US values.  Is this a legitimate view?  Why or why not?

3. A theory has been advanced for what is called “Disaster Diplomacy.”  Its premise is that international disaster response can be a form of diplomacy.  Its primary feature is that disaster aid can serve to overcome political differences and create an atmosphere of cooperation between countries that previously were adamantly opposed on most issues.  Do you feel this is a realistic concept?  Or is it idealistic wishful thinking that, at best, produces only temporary, transitory benefits?

4.  We have agreed that the concept of globalization has provided both benefits and risks to the world of nations.  Module 2 identifies a number of “transnational risks.”  It goes on to assert that one of the factors contributing to these risks is the “widespread use of information technology communication (e.g., Internet, cell phones, social media) to mobilize individuals and groups, acquire resources, and in some cases garner external attention and support.”  Can social media constitute a risk to our national security?  Explain your position.

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