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Information Technology for management Project

Information Technology for management Project: Hotel Business Business Introduction Concept/idea The idea is to start a hotel business unit in London, with a long term plan of extending it to several foreign countries such as in Middle East, Australia, Africa and United States. The hotel is intended to have 7 top level departments, with each […]

West Coast University

West Coast University Introduction West Coast University (or the Institution or the University) is an institution of higher learning offering undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in “nursing and other in-demand healthcare” disciplines. The Institution uses a collection of technologically advanced tools to help students gain the “knowledge, experience, and confidence” they need to execute critical […]

Information assurance

Information assurance Introduction Information assurance can be defined as the hardware, software, policies, procedures, standards, and personnel that are used to secure data residing in information systems. Information assurance has disparate definitions, but the term has evolved over time to imply information security and beyond. It seeks to emphasize on ensuring that information is sufficiently […]


Kuwait 1.0  INTRODUCTION Kuwait is one of the world’s largest producers of petroleum and related liquids, taking up position ten among the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) members in 2015. In the same year, the country was the 5th largest crude oil producer among OPEC members. Kuwait only trails Iran, Iraq, UAE, and […]

Big data

Big data Big data basically refers to large-scale, increasingly growing, widely distributed, and diverse collection of data assets necessitating use of data analytics solutions to derive valuable insights that can be leveraged to gain sustainable development and growth (Girard, 2015).  Big data can help an organization gain useful information and/or knowledge regarding a wide array […]

Levels of health and safety at workplaces

Levels of health and safety at workplaces Introduction Upholding acceptable levels of health and safety at workplaces is critical to the productivity and well-being of all people occupying a premise, and to the overall performance and integrity of an organization and the growth of national economy (Hopkins 2002). According to Fleming & Lardner (2002), occupational […]

Global corporate world

Global corporate world Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction. 2 2.0 Case studies. 3 2.1 DHL.. 3 2.2 Avnet Inc. 5 2.3 Penske. 7 2.4 Nestle. 8 3.0 Enablers for GIS. 9 4.0 Barriers to GIS. 10 5.0 References. 11 6.0 Appendices. 14 Appendix A: Implementation of GIS at DHL.. 14 Appendix B: Barriers to GIS. […]

Computer forensics

Computer forensics Introduction Computer forensics is the field of gathering, analyzing and producing reports of digital information in a manner that satisfies legal admissibility requirements. It can be applied in cases of crime detection and prevention and in other disputes where available evidence is digitally stored (Francia & Clinton, 2005). Computer forensics as a discipline […]

Report for the Department for Communities and Local Government

Report for the Department for Communities and Local Government Executive summary This is a report for the Department for Communities and Local Government to recommend remediation measures for mistakes made on the FiReControl project. It focuses on leadership and planning with respect to project management, and provides recommendations for future projects. Project leadership and management […]

Expansion of an IT

Expansion of an IT start-up in providing a software solution for Care homes in UK INTRODUCTION Generally, strategic management is concerned with how an organisation’s top management formulates and executes key goals, policies, and plans to meet specific objectives in an environment constrained by resources and a collection of other dynamic internal and external factors […]