logistics final paper

Choose one of the 3 scenarios listed below and write a 3000 word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident.

The final paper will be your opportunity to present a plan and objectives for providing logistic support to a fictional disaster situation. Although every situation encountered has its own unique requirements in order to successfully support the operation, there are basic actions taken pre-, intra- and post that should be followed. Incorporate what you have learned in policy, practice and possibly personal experience and develop an operational (tactical) plan- focused on logistics support- to ensure that disaster operations go smoothly. The goal of your paper should not to create the “perfect solution”; more it should be an examination/analysis of the situation at hand, and your role as a disaster logistician to assist the Incident Commander in supporting emergency operations.

You may select one of the topics for your paper:

A community of approximately 10,000 has been exposed to an unknown virus. It appears to be spread by contact. At present, only a small portion of the population is affected. Government leaders and health officials are contemplating community containment. Discuss how you, as the logistic chief, would supply and support emergency operations, what agencies would you seek support from, and establish points of distribution.Severe storms have ravaged your rural community of 10,000. Fortunately, there are few deaths but many are displaced. Being rural, access to the community is limited and made worse by the storms. Discuss your immediate actions post-incident, and present a plan for short term sustainment of operations and support to population. If a logistics pre-plan would be beneficial, include that in your discussion. Your rural community of 10,000 main employer- a large agricultural chemical processing plant- is struck by a large fire. Due to the nature of the chemicals, the fire may last for days. Emergency Management has decided to tell citizens to shelter in place versus to evacuate. The incident has drawn responders from a large area, and most arrive ill equipped for a sustained operation. Further complicating the issue is water runoff from fire suppression into the town’s only source of water. Discuss how you would support both the citizens and the providers while being aware of sheltering, along with limited movement because of the fire. Do not be concerned about the potential exposure- focus on the logistic support.

readings :

1. Ciottone, Gregory – Disaster Medicine, 2nd Edition (2016) ISBN# 978 0 3232 8665 7

2. Tatham, Peter and Christopher, Martin- Humanitarian Logistics, 2nd Edition (2014)

ISBN #978 0 7494 7087 6

3. Kovacs, Gyongi and Spens, Karen- Relief Supply Chain for Disasters; Humanitarian, Aid and

Emergency Logistics (2012) ISBN 978-1-60960-824-8

Arkansas State Strategic Management GE and Berkshire Hathaway Paper

In order to find some answers, this paper should look at the following issues:

1. Leadership: What role does leadership play in long-term financial performance? What is the G.E. leadership style? What is Berkshire Hathaway’s (Warren Buffet’s) leadership style? How would you describe the differences in leadership style of the two companies during the twenty-year period? Are there differences that would affect long-term financial performance?  Explain how and why.

2. Culture: Are their differences in the culture of each of the organizations that might explain performance differences? What is the G.E. culture? What is the Berkshire Hathaway culture? What are each company’s values? Do these differences explain performance differences?  Explain how and why. 

3. Compensation: What are differences in compensation for the CEO’s and other executives of the two companies and how might that contribute to differences in performance? Explain how and why. 

4. Management Oversight: Are there differences in the way each company manages and overseas each of the operating businesses?  Do the differences contribute to differences in performance? Explain how and why. 

5. Approach to Acquisitions: Both G.E. and Berkshire Hathaway have made a number of acquisition over the twenty-year period. Is there a difference in how each company approaches acquiring other companies? Do they have the same criteria? How may the differences in approaches affect long-term financial performance? Explain how and why. 

International American University Chapter 13 Soda Can Company Case Discussion

Chapter 13 – Leading Effective Teams

Soda Can Company is opening up a new store location in sixty days. As Executive Director of Stores, you have to put together a strong team quickly.

You hired Jim Beam to be the Store Manager based on his previous experience and track record with other competitors. You have a new site to open up, and your goal is to start producing as quickly as possible. You had a slight feeling that he was a little full of himself, but you associated it with self-confidence, which you needed this new manager to have since you would not have a lot of time to invest in this location.

Julie Stevens has been one of your top production specialists for two years. You assigned her to Jim and the new store without hesitation. Her proven track record and existing knowledge of the product line would be actively used to get this new store performing within weeks.

You have also taken great steps to recruit other internal employees who have strong performance records. Two or three are new to the company and not so experienced, but their eager attitude and desire to learn and get better will serve them well in this new location.

It has been three weeks since the new store opened and early performance statistics are meeting expectations. It looks like the team is working together well. However, you have had numerous phone calls from Julie Stevens complaining about Jim Beam’s management approach. Among her complaints are comments like, “He exaggerates and tries to bully staff,” or “He does not understand the product line and belittles anyone who asks questions.” Yet he also makes personal statements as if trying to be nice but it seems like he ends up angering people instead. Such as, “Come to my house to watch the big game. I have a brand new 50 inch high definition TV.” Or, “I only shop at designer stores, don’t you?” Even a few of the newer employees have made cautious attempts to ask if Jim’s style is the norm for the Soda Can Company. Questions such as, “Is it acceptable for managers yell in staff meetings?” or “Is it company policy to get defensive when asked questions?” have been coming up frequently.

You are sitting at lunch with your boss, Elizabeth Zone. She has just asked you casually about the new store opening – “How is the new location doing?” You are struggling with how you are going to approach Jim and confront him on his performance so far. You are concerned about the team overall, but you are hesitant to jump in and make changes so early. Could it be possible that Jim will settle down in a few weeks? Could this all just be pressure from the new store opening and working with a new team? Maybe they just need a few more weeks to get to know each other and find their own ways to work well?

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 13. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:Elizabeth is waiting for your response. What do you say?Elizabeth has years of experience and has offered objective perspectives in the past, and she supports employee development while maintaining good performance on the job. You decide to share your concern about Jim’s early leadership style with her. What do you say?What are you going to track closely with the new team?How might you approach Jim about the team’s performance?What might you say to Julie? To the new employees?

Chapter 14 – Managing People to Perform
Axis Inc. has instituted new “flexible” guidelines around appropriate attire, including piercings and tattoos. Along with all her colleagues, Rebecca Que, an Assistant Manager at Axis, received a printed copy of the new standards – and they’re still sitting in the envelope, unread. Included in this piece were a list of resources for her to contact if she had any questions or concerns – and a list of consequences for non-compliance.

Rebecca thinks that these new standards are only for those in Denver at the corporate office. She thinks that for people “out in the world” at the stores, style and personal branding are important to the Axis Inc. experience, and her Store Manager seems to agree. Over the weekend, she’s going to get another piercing in her nose, and she is thinking of getting a bold new tattoo on her forearm.

Answer the following questions by applying the concepts learned in Chapter 14. Also, conduct literature reviews on the subject of discussion and use to support your case study answers:
As the District Manager, list how you would manage Rebecca’s performance with the new guidelines using the ACHIEVE model.

Central Virginia Community College Key Issues in Corrections Paper

Writing assignment will be three pages long double space not including cover and reference sheet. Assignement should be completed using American psychological association APA style format. Using Times New Roman, size 12 front.

Foner Book Essay

Please read attached and answer all questions clearly using ONLY the book and no outside sources!

Business Law Serious Project – Torts and Contract

Additional information will be provided once a tutor is selected.


You must label each part of your answer. (Part I, II and III). In addition, you must use sub-headings to label the sub-parts of your answer.

Part III

Brief into statement

Name of Remedy available to Keisha – Brief discussion of remedy. The eimistiuo sotuyome nt sotylenago gooytelamdntpo gyif futpem povynme futpsm.

Name of remedy available to Keisha – Brief discussion of remedy. The eimistiuo sotuyome nt sotylenago gooytelamdntpo gyif futpem povynme futpsm.

Write your answer using single space block paragraphs. The exam is written in this format. Block paragraphs begin flush left margin and paragraphs are separated with a space.

Part I

Keisha has finally saved enough vacation days and is looking forward to some rest and relaxation. She signed a written contract with a travel agent for a vacation tour package to Colorado. The contract stated

“Sunny Days, Inc. will provide airline travel to and from Aspen, Colorado with 7-nights lodgings at Beaver Run in the High-Top Hills Resort. This package includes a half-day city ski/snow board lesson and 1 day’s lift ticket and 1 ticket to hot springs spa.

Keisha later claimed that before she signed the contract the travel agent told her that she would be staying at the Highlands Hotel, which is much nicer that the Beaver Run, that all meals would be included in the tour, and that the tour included 2 days’ lift tickets. The travel agent denied Keisha’s claims.

Keisha wants to sue for breach of contract. Compare the written evidence with Keisha’s verbal evidence and make a conclusion about the admissibility of all the evidence in a lawsuit.

Part II

Keisha, an experienced snowboarder, purchased a new snowboard from Winter Wonderland, Inc. a sporting goods store specializing in winter sports equipment. Downhill Daredevil Co. manufactured the snowboard. Keisha went to High-Top Hills Resort to show off her new snowboard and try it on the slopes. After 3 runs on the slopes, Keisha’s snowboard suddenly split apart causing Keisha to fall and break her harm and receive numerous bruises.

Discuss the potential legal liability of the entities involved and identify the possible legal claims under which Keisha could sue.

Part III

Nevertheless, Keisha loved Colorado so much that she wanted to move there full-time. Andrew sold a condo he owned in Colorado to Keisha. Before the sale, Andrew told Keisha there was a golf course, swimming pool and an exercise center on the condo grounds for use by the residents. Andrew knew that none of these facilities existed. Keisha, however, believed Andrew’s statements and bought the condo without seeing it for $200,000, although it was only worth $125,000. Keisha learned of the errors in Andrew’s statements and sued him for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Analyze and describe any remedies available to Keisha because of Andrew’s misrepresentation.

Answer to the questions related to the "SAP in Hospital Analysis" case study

Instructions:Read the SAP in Hospital case study. After reading the case, complete your answers to the following questions and upload your answers below by Monday at 8 AM for the week following the week during which the case was assignedGrading:Each question is worth 4 points. Each answer must: (1) articulate a position to the question, (2) support that position with evidence from the case (including quotes or references to the text), (3) be clearly written, and (4) demonstrate a critical analysis of the case. If any of these elements is missing from the answer, a 0.5 point deduction will be taken for that question. Each case has 5 questions, resulting in 20 possible points for each case study.This is an individual assignment – you are not to work with anyone else on this, nor use any online forums or resources to answer. Answer on your own with supporting evidence from the case. After you submit, you will receive a “SafeAssign” score – this is a score that is evidence of your answer overlapping with another student. A high score is evidence that you did not work on your own on this assignment and you will receive a zero for this assignment.Questions 1. What is unique about implementing SAP in a hospital? 2. What were the driving forces and restraining forces of the change? 3. What aspects of the implementation and subsequent use and improvement of the integrated information system did VLF handle well? 4. What could VLF have done differently? 5. What one concept from the book or lecture material did you find useful in this case?

Human Resource – Performance Discussion, management homework help

Human Resources

“Performance” Take a position on the following: A lousy performance appraisal system or process is better than not giving employees any type of performance appraisal. Support your position with evidence or examples.

***This is a discussion, NOT a paper. Need 2 strong paragraphs and references. No plagiarism.***

Types of Consent and Payers

The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand the types of patient consent and what role they play in the health care industry. It is important also to understand the legal issues and laws that regulate third-party payers.

Complete the Types of Consent and Payers Chart.

Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your paper.

There is also a question within this chart that deals with what state I live in. I live in Washington State.

Effective Leadership Skills & DISC Behavioral Characteristics Questions

You have become comfortable with contemporary leadership competencies and feel it is time to open your own small business. As a future business owner, you know that all organizations must be well managed and that effective leadership is at the core of ensuring that a business runs smoothly. Reflect on the following questions and write a 3-5 page report to help you solidify your thinking and describe your plan for running a small business.Refer to the DISC behavioral characteristics you identified for yourself in module 01. How will you use two of these characteristics (i.e., values, culture, mission, and vision) to shape your small business?Employees are a business’s greatest asset. Refer to the best leader traits/skills/tactics you identified in module 02. How will you mentor the informal and formal leaders that you hire?Identify the leader theory from module 03 that fits you best. How can this leader theory help you align business goals, customer expectations, and employee objectives?Refer to the challenges to leading change that you selected in module 04. Identify two of these challenges. How will you address these challenges to minimize risk for your new business?Utilizing the facilitative leadership skills you studied in module 05, discuss the three facilitative leadership skills that you think are the most important for your business. How will you incorporate what you learned about facultative leadership into your business so that employees can successfully run meetings and projects?Refer to the leadership skills you presented in module 06, as well as the other concepts you’ve studied in the course (e.g., leader traits, leadership theory, and facilitative leadership skills). How will you use these to ensure effective leadership in your small business?