Create a program that will keep track of a media library to store

CSC 162 Final Project

Media Library


Create a program that will keep track of a media library to store movies. It will store all of the data using arrays. Since we have not learned how to use files or a database the information will not be stored anywhere and will be lost once the program ends. The program will keep track of a movie’s title, actors/actresses with characters, movie length, and year of the movie. All data will be stored in arrays.

Arrays needed for Movie Library




 Rating (index value of drop down)

 Actors/characters (must be able to have more than one actor per movie)

o Example: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

Required Controls

Ø Multiple Forms

Ø Textboxes

Ø Labels

Ø List boxes

Ø Dropdown (Combo box)

Ø Menus

Ø Splash Screen

Ø About Dialog

Other Requirements

Ø Use Module file

Ø Use of non-event procedures (procedures defined by you)

Ø Must prompt user on exit to make sure they want to quit the program

Ø Must prompt user on save to make sure they want to save the changes

Ø Must prompt user on delete to make sure they want to delete a media item

Ø Must use variables within the procedures and functions

Ø ALL input fields must be validated – is numeric, is the field empty etc. 

Ø All numeric fields must be converted using CInt or CDec and assigned to variables

Bonus option (10 points!)

Ø Store data in a file

Movie Selected

Ø Dropdowns must be populated

Ø Disable all fields

Add New Movie

Ø Enable all of the fields

Ø Set focus to the title field

Ø Clear all of the fields

Save a New Movie

Ø All fields must be filled in to add a movie

Ø Movie cannot already exist in the list to be added to the list

Ø Year of the movie must be numeric

Ø Length of the movie must be numeric (total number of minutes)

Ø Display messages to user for each of the above error conditions

Ø Make sure there is room in the arrays, if not resize the arrays

Ø Current selected item in the list box of movies should be the movie just added

Ø Disable all of the controls again

Item Selected in Movie List

Ø Update fields to display the movie details including any actors listed.

Add New Actors to a Movie

Ø Ask how many actors to add

Ø Add each actor and the name of their character

Delete an Actor from the List

Ø Select an actor from the list for a movie and delete them

Update the Actors list for a Movie

Ø Add an actor to the list for a movie only if there is room on the list


Final Project Evaluation Form – Total Points Possible: 100      

Algorithms (Possible Points = 15) Points Earned

1. Initial Algorithm (5) 

2. Refined Algorithm – pseudo-code  

o Matches Final Code (4) 

o Indentation (3) 

o Statements broken down to correct level (3) 

Documentation (Possible 10 Points)  

1. All Header Information Present (1) 

2. All Variables labeled at declaration (3) 

3. Present for meaningful blocks of code (3) 

4. Present for individual lines when needed (3) 

Style and Readability (Possible 5 Points)  

1. Code blocked out according to tasks (1) 

2. Proper spacing between blocks of code (1) 

3. Appropriate naming techniques (1) 

4. Use of indentation (2) 

Flow Control/Syntax (Possible 40 Points)  

1. No run time errors (10) 

2. No logic errors (10) 

3. Program correctly reflects and displays all program requirements (15)

a. allows the user to add/modify a movie.

b. add/modify a list of actors for a movie

c. error checking where needed

d. use of input and message boxes where appropriate

e. appropriate use of selection and repetitive structures 


4. No unnecessary or redundant statements (5) 

Correctness (Possible 30 Points)  

1. Output correctly reflects and displays all program requirements (5) 

2. Forms correctly reflects and displays all program requirements (5) 

3. Program makes comprehensive use of topics (20)  

1. Arrays 

2. Form objects (Text boxes, Labels, List boxes, etc.) 

3. Multiple Forms  

4. Module 

5. Error Checking

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