EPC in a Company

EPC in a Company

EPC in a Company

The Premium Patio Furniture manufactures the lawn, garden furniture as well as building. Further, the development of the event-driven process chain will be useful for the business process modeling to configure the execution of enterprise resource planning as well as the need to improve the relevant process (Riehle, Jannaber, Karhof, Thomas, Delfmann, & Becker, 2016). As a result, the architecture of this integrated system will address the following events within the organization.

The Order Fulfillment Clerk

            This will be the initial action, and the actors responsible for managing this event will be clerks. Their responsibility will be to arrange the delivery system of the expected orders to the customers. There are various types of bulk order which are considered under this aspect. These consist of retailers, direct sales, as well as the customer.

The Sales Representatives

            The Sales Representatives will be the next actor in the process with the ability to connect with the respective retailers as well as other individual customers to get orders. The elements underlying in this element consist of the potential builders for future sales and retailers.

The Installer

            The Installer in the event process chain will assist in the management of installation controls and dates for orders. Besides, they will be assigned to install the orders obtained during the schedules period agreed with the customers.

Assembly/ Packer

            Assembly will be the last event received during the delivery date from the order fulfillment clerks. The beginning of each day, there will be an assessment to ensure the orders provided are processed accordingly to the expected customers. The priority by the company is given to shipments for the orders packed after the assembly and packing is completed from the company.

            Conclusively, it is essential to understand that the development of the event-driven process chain can support business process modeling in configuring resource planning within as organizational operational. The processes consist of the order fulfillment clerk, the sales representatives, the installer and assembly of the orders.

Below is the EPC diagram of the Premium Patio Furniture


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