Fund raising project selection | Management homework help

Complete the “Assignment” section after reading the Fund Raising Project Selection case in Ch. 2 of Project

Management: The Managerial Process. Make sure you are using the right exercise…this assignment is the one

using the projects like “Hoops for Hope, etc”

Submit a 350-word paper (remember all papers in the class are APA format, need an intro/closing paragraph….word count for all class assignments does not count the intro/closing paragraph or any tables/charts included in the paper….in other words you need 350 words in the paper body). The paper is where you tell me the rankings and justify the decision.

Within the paper include a completed Project Priority Evaluation form. The text provides a Project Priority Evaluation Form (yes I know it is not editable…so you either need to create your own form….take a “snip-it” of the form and write in your response, etc. I am not looking for the form to be ”pretty”….I just need the form with the values you are entering….the values are what I am looking at for grading consideration).

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