Legal issues | Human Resource Management homework help

Do some google searching to become familiar with the court case of EEOC v. Rock Auto.  We’ll look at this case because it’s local (Madison, WI) and recent (alleged discrimination occured in 2016 and was finalized in 2020).  Age Discrimination must be avoided in all phases of employment (hiring, recruiting, selecting, performance management, compensation, benefits, training, etc.).  This case is primairly about recruitment & selection.

Based upon what you’ve researched:

  • What are some things that Rock Auto could have done differently (3 suggestions minimum)
  • Assuming Rock Auto’s process is completely fine and legal, what are some additional selection tools they could utilize to ensure candidates are technologically savvy?  (2 suggestions minimum)
  • What implications from this case could you take into your HR career for implementation (2 minimum)

300 words minimum.  2 responses, 50 words ea.  Cite as appropriate.

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