Spss test | Marketing homework help


Please use the results of R. N. Bank’s Credit Card Survey and respond to each of the research objectives specified below by using SPSS.


·       Please state the hypotheses

·       Explain the reasons for your choice for the appropriate statistical test for each situation

·       Interpret the findings derived from each analysis. 



A)   What are the differences/relationships between the customers who respond the credit card offers in favor of Visa or  Mastercard ( question 14) and those who prefer to choose other cards in responding the offer in terms of the belief of “During the last three years, my financial situation has gotten worse”(question 1).  (Please be careful about to re-group question 14 before the analysis) 


B)   Is there any differences between perceived importance of

     credit cards and perceived importance of cash for the

     sample ?(Question 1)


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