The Morning that Roars-Renewed Patriotism in America-NONFICTION

The Morning that Roars-Renewed Patriotism in America-NONFICTION

            In a long spell of dwindling commitment to the unity and the wellbeing of the nation from the leaders and the citizens as well, the few existing nationalists were concerned about the future. Truly, they had a reason to be worried because nobody seemed to possess an explicit solution to the problem, which was threatening to consume the nation. Nonetheless, little did the patriots understand that a single morning was more than adequate to completely solve the conundrum but not without a huge cost attached. A spirit of patriotism humongous enough to equal that of George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers of the nations and a sense of unity comparable to that experienced after the end of the civil war were renewed in the heart of every citizen of the United States of America. Undoubtedly, the terror that threatened to tear the nation apart was a compelling wake up call to the American citizenry to stand up and be patriotic once again.

          September 11, 2001, the center stage of drama was Manhattan, New York City, the home to the twin towers of the world trade center. Standing at a height of about four hundred and fifteen meters, the towers were the tallest structures in the city hence served a wide range of purposes. Thousands of people regarded the building as their work place, hundreds of different people also convened there daily for conferences and meetings, while few others visited the structure to capture a an aerial view of the entire city. In addition to the essential purposes, the building played another equally important but unrecognized role to the millions of residents and visitors, which involved assurance. A person in the city could look up to the building and indeed remember he/she was in New York, and proceed with rest of his/her business with pride. However, things were about to change towards the worst or evil, as many regard the horror that hit the city that morning.

          The sky was blue and the weather was moderately windy, while the day business was unnoticeably unfolding as usual (because New York is a twenty four hour economy) in the morning hours, when two thunder like sounds roared in the entire city. Two airplanes, allegedly under the control of al-Qaida affiliated hijackers had hit the twin towers in quick succession. The sounds were followed by a huge cloud of smoke and wailing sounds of people trapped in the building mixed with that of the resulting fire, as well as that of the collapsing structure. Objects, which included people jumping off the building to escape the conflagration and smoke, were falling from the skies at a supersonic speed. A few minutes later, the surrounding area was full of dust, smoke and wrecked cars, as well as other categories of damaged property. On the streets, people were running for their lives in all directions and in immense fear and confusion. In the air, military and other security planes were hovering around, while any non-military plane was ordered to land. It seemed that New York City was down and America had been conquered by the heinous act of terror.

           Events that followed the incidence however revealed the unexpected or at least something that was fading away, and this was the American spirit. For instance, the New York City guard had already initiated rescue mission even before the rubble had ceased falling from the building. Later, other cities and states’ rescue department trickled in to assist in the rescue efforts, while all security personnel on leave or off duty were ordered to immediately resume work. Political leaders were everywhere on the scene and on media sending messages of revenge to the terrorists, while trying to inspire hope to the Americans citizen. Particularly, Hillary Clinton, the then senator of New York and a former first lady, was on site and had no kind words for the terrorists. Clinton promised the terrorists that America never forgets and revenge was inevitable in future.

         The US government through the politicians and its agency responded swiftly and excellently to the occurrence. However, the manner in which ordinary citizens reacted to the ordeal was a clear revelation of a renewed and immense love for the nation. For instance, thousands of New York residents lined up on the street to cheer up the rescue personnel for a number of days after the occurrence not mention hundreds of others who volunteered in many aspects of the mission to save as many lives as possible and help family members of the victims cope with the situation. Journalists and other media personnel spent days and nights to give updates to the rest of the country that could not physically access the scene. Business people and other eminent personnel also poured support in terms of donations in humongous amounts. Notably, every citizen in the country was willing to volunteer in any manner possible. In addition to all the physical and emotional support displayed by the citizens, patriotism strongly stood out of the rest. American flags were erected everywhere from the scene of the terror to the streets of New York to signify defiance and love for the country. Clearly, the intention of the terrorists had been defeated.

        The dwindling spirit of patriotism was rejuvenated a hundred folds by an action that was meant to further suppress it. Conventional slogans of nationhood and unity, such as ‘America first’, and ‘One Nation under God’ were numerously recited by people ranging from politicians and government workers to the ordinary citizens. Later, another bigger, better and more sophisticated tower along with a memorial park was erected in the place of the iconic twin towers. In addition, a memorial ceremony is conducted every year without fail even after a considerably long period when the al-Qaida leader Osama bin laden was killed by a United States military mission in Pakistan. Although, the rescue missions that started immediately after the incidence were later to confirm that about two thousand and six hundred people perished and scores of others injured in the ordeal, the people of the United States sent a clear message of unity and patriotism to the world. After the incidence, the nation gathered physical, emotional and spiritual support enhanced their recovery sooner than expected by many but as promised by Clinton, America never forgets. Certainly, to the victims and witnesses of the now famously known as the 9/11 ordeal, the terror and havoc of that morning still roars in their heart up-to-date but the American spirit of defiance and patriotism still prevails in a compelling manner.       

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